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The effective use of transaction liability/mergers & acquisitions (M&A) insurance can enable parties to manage contingent liabilities, unlock potential deal-breakers, enhance financial dynamics, improve bidding positions and, thus, help facilitate your M&A transactions.

There are three main types of M&A insurance:

  • Warranty and Indemnity (“W&I”) insurance provides cover for losses arising from breach of warranties and indemnities given in an M&A transaction
  • Tax liability insurance is a valuable tool for managing identified risks arising in an M&A transaction, as a significant tax concern can impair or even derail a transaction
  • Contingent risk insurance is available for a number of potential contingent liabilities that may arise in an M&A transaction

At Paragon, our goal is to obtain the best terms at the best price and deliver the best service. For each policy we arrange, we will ensure that you are offered bespoke terms, specifically tailored to the underlying transaction.

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Head of Mergers & Acquisitions
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Senior Vice President
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