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UK Professions: Make the most of our exclusive two and three partner Professional Indemnity facilities.

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Paragon has two exclusive facilities designed to support two and three partner firms – both LawSelect and AIG are ‘A’ rated Professional Indemnity insurance providers. No other broker can directly access these insurers, so using Paragon ensures the link between a firm and their insurer is seamless.

We understand that availability of choice, particularly for smaller practices, is essential when purchasing Professional Indemnity insurance. LawSelect and AIG share Paragon’s philosophy of strong, robust risk and business management, coupled with developing long-term relationships.

How to obtain a quote?

Send the proposal form you have already completed for your existing broker, or insurer, along with an updated claims summary. Your proposal form will only be shown to our two exclusive markets to avoid any broker duplication. Alternatively, to arrange a meeting in person or to find out more information about how we can assist your firm please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Telephone: 0207 280 8209

UK Professions: Law Firm Case Management System Selection

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David Green, Co-founder of The Strategic Partner, and preferred risk management consultant of Paragon, has written a White Paper on the process of selecting a case management system.

Whether your firm is upgrading its current system, or installing one for the first time, it is important to understand and avoid the pitfalls associated with this process. David explores these and more in this White Paper, providing firms with advice and guidance to support them through this journey. Click here for further information

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