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2019 November

Edward Ventham at New Statesman Cyber Security 2019

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Yesterday Edward Ventham spoke at the second edition of the New Statesman Cyber Security in Financial Services event. He gave the latest updates on:

– cyber threats;
– the measured impact of a cyber incident;
– a deep dive into some well-known public breaches – the lessons businesses can take from them;
– GDPR – how does insurance apply.

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Money Laundering Regulations and their application

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The Solicitors Regulation Authority has been raising concerns about the application of Anti-Money Laundering regulations in law firms and specifically the lack of up take.

Paragon partner with The Strategic Partner to provide further services and benefits to their clients outside the placement of their insurance needs. This article focuses on the new regulations but importantly how firms should be implementing them and steps that can be taken to do so.

Follow this link for the full article:

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