Risk Management Services

Paragon Risk Management Services is a separate division created with the sole purpose of providing an advanced level of Risk Management, Business Practice Management and Loss Prevention advice to law firms.

Guided by Robert Feagin, Special Counsel of Paragon Risk Management Services Ltd, formerly the Managing Partner and Loss Prevention Partner of Holland & Knight LLP and a US resident, we bring to our clients dedicated Risk Management Services.

We have entered into relationships with specialist outside providers with extensive experience in professional responsibility, risk management and loss prevention services who are available to customize and implement valuable and relevant programs designed for Paragon law firm clients. The broad roster of providers will enable Paragon to offer its clients the broadest array of services available in the industry through a customized program that reflects your firm’s unique requirements. Details of these services are given later in this website.

These services will be financed in part by a dedicated risk management budget pre-agreed by Underwriters.

It is our goal that the services provided will not only help to deliver a more competitive insurance program for your firm but also play a proactive role in helping your firm develop enhanced procedures, allowing you to devote more time to the practice of law and your clients and less time and expense to the solving of internal risk management issues.


During the initial insurance placement process, representatives of Paragon will contact key leaders of the law firm to discuss the risk management needs of the firm and the services and other resources that are available through Paragon to meet these needs. Once the law firm has selected the Paragon services and service providers it wishes to include in its risk management plan, the administration and implementation of the program will revert to the London office of Paragon and a timetable will be arranged and all service providers will be contacted to ensure they understand their participation in the plan and timetable.

We will constantly monitor and co-ordinate the process throughout the year to ensure a productive and efficient implementation.

Approximately three months before renewal, we will meet with you to review the program and its benefits. We will agree on the status, costs and results of your program with you which will then become an integral part of the renewal process. This will help us differentiate your firm, providing additional leverage on your behalf in the marketplace, as a part of the renewal negotiations.

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